The BLz series of base-mounted electric vibrator motors is certified for use in ATEX zones 21 & 22 (dust) when operating in ambient temperatures from -20 degrees to +40 degrees C for voltages up to 690v (restrictions apply when used with variable speed drives).  
The BLz series is our standard vibrator motor and is therefore also suitable for non-ATEX areas. However for temperatures outside the approved ATEX range we do offer BL vibrator motors which may incorporate special low or high temperature features.
bl and blz
  • For non-hazardous areas and ATEX zones 21 & 22 areas (dust)
  • 3 phase 50 or 60Hz up to 690v
  • Suitable for VSD (variable speed drive)
  • IP66
  • Invicta footprint for base-mounted vibrator motors
  • BLz temperature range -20˚ to +40˚C
  • BL series for low and high temperature applications
  • PTC thermistors
  • Special features available

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