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The Invicta BL80-315/6 is the highest force 6 pole electric vibrator currently on the market, producing an output of 31500 kgf at 960rpm. To achieve this output the bearings, bearing housings and rotor shaft have all been up-rated. This addition to the established range has been specifically designed to power the largest sizes of screens and feeders and provides a viable alternative to exciters. Electrical vibrators are often preferred over exciters due to their simplicity of design. The BL80-315/6 retains the same features and footprint of the existing BL80 range. Using the same purpose-built 12.5kW winding throughout the BL80 range allows the use of existing control gear, thus providing a simple route to upgrading existing units and retrofit options.

BL80-315/6 High Force Output Vibrator Motor