Freight Logistics Coordinator/Administrator

Reports to:

Sales Office Manager

Main Functions:

Arranging all freight for Invicta and Mogensen divisions.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Preparing packing lists with the use of internal systems and reports.
  • Preparing Export Documentation in accordance with required international shipping standards and customs requirements.
  • Arranging Export Packing Notes and daily packing schedule for Despatch Department.
  • Update future packing schedule using internal systems.
  • Dealing with Freight forwarders to arrange efficient transport.
  • Ensuring all freight is collected in a timely manner and updating customers.
  • Arrange Invoicing and Export Documentation to be provided to customers.
  • Liaise with Freight Forwarders to ensure best prices and policies are received for all Invicta and Mogensen freight.

Key Skills to include:
  1. Knowledge of Export procedures and freight terms. As per Institute of Export and International Trade (Level 3 Customs Practitioner Award or equivalent).
  2. Understanding of Incoterms 2020 Rules on Exporting.
  3. Appreciation of changes regarding Brexit.
  4. Understanding of Letters of Credit and other international payment terms.
  5. Good inter-departmental communication skills and ability to liaise with customers and freight forwarders

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