Invicta can provide a range of Starters, Timers and Variable speed control panels which may be either standard or specifically designed for your application.
The standard range of STARTERS will provide vibrator overload protection as well as protection against single vibrator operation (causing the loss of linear vibration in twin vibrator applications). These protective features can be further enhanced with the addition of braking either by phase reversal or DC injection to provide a controlled stop with minimal effect on adjacent equipment or dust seals within the system.

The standard TIMER range is designed to enable precise control of both "on” and "off” periods when using either an electric or pneumatic vibrator on an application requiring intermittent operation. The robustly constructed Invicta recycling timer can be selected to offer time on and time off interval which can then be further trimmed to the application.

The use of an Invicta VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL Panel gives the opportunity to control the frequency of vibration and subsequently the flow of material in a precise manner whatever the application. They are available in both single and three phase variants both with and without braking.

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