The HVL is a specially designed hydraulic vibrator in which two contra-rotating shafts are mounted in parallel and driven independently.
hvl series
In both ranges the shafts are locked together by a pair of mechanical gears which ensure that pure linear motion is achieved, eliminating any sideways component which may arise from slip. The compact nature of this construction make it ideal for use in areas where space is limited.

The new range of hydraulic linear motion exciters have been developed by Invicta to provide a compact, robust drive unit suitable for use with all types of vibrating machines. FEA has been used throughout the design of the range which has been constructed to withstand the arduous duty cycle associated with static and mobile equipment.

The design features a unique, compact footprint and mounting bolt pattern which enables the overall height of this unit to be reduced when compared to a comparable exciter drives.These modular drive units are particularly suited for use with the low height designs of vibratory equipment which are more and more in demanded for use with mobile crushing and screening machines, where space is at a premium. Each unit is capable of being mounted at angles ranging from zero to ninety degrees, providing versatility for all types of applications. HVL Linear Exciter mounted onto Screen

The HVL vibrator is driven by a single hydraulic motor which is bolted directly onto the outside of the vibrator body. The motor is simply attached to the mobile machine’s own hydraulic supply so utilising this readily available source of power to generate vibratory motion.

The out of balance weights on the HVL range are pre-set in the factory to give a fixed force out-put. However up to 4 different force levels can be specified for each vibrator. The output force is varied by adding or removing additional machined plates to out of balance weights. It is possible to make these changes in the field by removing the inspection cover which provides access to the weights and shafts.The HVL range produces a linear force which acts at 90 deg to the vibrators base. However it is possible to alter the drive angle in increments of 10 degrees by changing the position of the drive gears.
HVL Linear Exciter

This enables the retention time on the feeder to be increased or decreased making it possible to fine tune the material velocity and control material separation on a screen.

Oil lubrication is used inside the gear box and grease lubrication is used on the four roller bearings which are located inside the vibrator frame.

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