The ULBK series of base-mounted electric vibrator motors is approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to both United States standards and Canadian standards for use in both gas and dust environments. 
For ambient temperatures from -25˚C to +40˚C and voltages up to 600v the ULBK series is approved for:  Class 1 Hazardous locations/gases, Groups C&D, Class 2 Hazardous locations/dusts, Groups E, F & G.
Each phase of the winding has a 135˚C switching temperature thermostat embedded into it.  It is mandatory that these thermostats be connected to the electrical control circuit for the vibrator motor to comply with the approval.  For ambient temperatures between 40 ˚C and 55˚C the ULBH range is available (details available on request).

ulbk series
  • For hazardous locations to UL standards
  • Class 1 (gas) groups C&D
  • Class 2 (dust) groups E,F &G
  • 3 phase, 50 or 60Hz, up to 600v
  • -25˚ to +40˚C ambient
  • ULBKH range up to 55˚C ambient
  • IP65
  • Invicta footprint
  • 135 ˚C thermostats
  • Suitable for VSD (20-60Hz)

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